Failure is the key to succes

Let’s talk about failure. Failure is the foundation of success. Just take a look at children. How many times they fail before they could walk?
If they would give up after trying for 10-15 times, they would never walk.
Somehow as we grow we lose sight of the fact that we grow from failure. When you fail you have 2 options: to give up or to look at things from a different perspective. You can choose to stop there or you can choose to try something else. There is no such thing as “I tried everything”. You tried 2,3,10 times, but not everything.
From failure we learn how we respond to our environment, how we treat ourselves when we fail, how we treat others, how creative we are. So we can call failure a challenge. A challenge to become a better version of ourselves, a challenge to grow, a challenge to improve our game, a challenge to reach thoughts we never knew we could.
Do you know how many times J.K.Rowling tried to sell the “Harry Potter” series? 15 times. She was refused by 14 publishers. How many times you would have tried?
Do you know that Silvester Stallone always wanted to be am actor? He wrote “Rocky” and he refused 135.000$ when he was almost homeless, because they wouldn’t let him star in his own movie because he was ugly. They said he’s a movie writer. He said he’s an actor. After months of negociations, they gave him 30.000$ because they didn’t want to lose too much money. We all know what happened after that.
If these people would have thought that is bad to fail, the world would have lost a lot of great things. Grow from failure, grow from pain, grow from bad experiences.

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