Often I see that coaches are defined as “problem solvers”. I like to think of coaches as the persons who help you become a better version of yourself, who guide you towards winning and mastering your game, who give the tools and the means to reach your true potential. I think that a coach can’t coach a person who is not ready to be coached. If they are not open, aware, willing to take massive action, the coach cannot play the game for them.
This relationship between the coach and the coachee is a dance. One cannot do it without the other. The coach can’t play for the coachee, and the coachee won’t hire a coach to help them do the same things they did before.
In order for the relationship to be a win-win situation, the coach will bring the experience, the knowledge, the ability to see things beyond words, and the coachee will bring the commitment and the will to action.
The coaching relationship is not (only) a conversation with a friend, it’s planning, doing, practicing you skills, evaluating, growing. It’s a respectful professional relationship, a beautiful one, one in which the co creation reaches the next level.
The two of them must honor and commit to the relationship in order for it to work and make the best of it.

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