You are probably familiar with the “law of attraction”. How does it work? It’s actually pretty simple. First of all, you grow what you think about. If your mind only wanders through pain, anger, negative thoughts , that’s what will grow from there. And it kind of makes sense , right? The more you feed your mind with negative thoughts, the more negative thoughts will appear. Actually, when you circle around negative things, you cannot think clearly anymore. Your perspective about the things that surround you starts to narrow, and you are soon blinded.
What happens when you gather positive thoughts? Yes, more positive things will come from there. When you decide to think positive, your perspectives actually broaden (it’s science, check it out), and you are able to look at things from other angles and overcome negative situations more easily. People who are optimists are still humans. They have negative emotions too. The difference for them is the fact that they choose not to stay there in the negative thoughts. They allow the negative thoughts to exist, they are aware of them and they are not running from the problems. They are actually running towards the problems, because they know that unresolved issues will eventually strike harder later. Here is what nobody told you: optimism can be learned. It’s a proven fact. I myself trained my mind in order to make my life easier and increase my well being. You can do it too.

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