Your fears are the roadmap to your superpowers

Playing with fear.
Have you ever had situations where you lose your breath? Just conversations that seem simple but actually give you cold sweats? This kind of situations always hide something bigger. A fear, anxiety, a doubt. Usually there is something we can’t put the finger on at first.
Your coach can help you role play and play with that fear. The power of role play is essential in a coaching relationship. The coach can help you exercise situations in which you aren’t comfortable, see what’s beneath, and improve your game. Playing with fear is one of the biggest things you can do in playing for the better version of yourself. When you look into the eyes of fear, when you acknowledge it, when you allow it to be there and feel it, you strip away its power.
What are your uncomfortable situations? Do you have the courage to let yourself guided through a inner freedom session with your coach?


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