Belief systems – the stories we tell ourselves

Belief systems are driving the way we act in life. Our actions are driven by what we perceive as being real. What we often don’t realise, is the fact that this set of beliefs that we all have, it’s subjective, it’s built through our own experiences, which brought us pain or pleasure. We associate pain or pleasure to something, and we transform it into a belief. We internalize that belief and very soon we start to forget that it’s only our interpretation of the situation, it’s not an absolute truth. That’s why we tell ourselves things like “I’ve always been like this”, or “I could never do something like this”, or “I could never succeed to do…”.
Of course, people who succeed in life also have their belief systems. The belief that problems are not permanent, the belief that they can find a way to get what they want, the belief that they are intelligent, the belief that if you want to, you can achieve anything.
So you see, belief systems can be constructive or destructive. It’s what makes the difference between a buddhist monk and a serial killer.
Use them wisely.

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