You are enough

I am not enough.
How many times per day do we say that to ourselves? How many times per day we feel that deep in our mind? We live life at full speed, chasing to get busy in every second, feeling like we are not worthy if we waste a moment.
We look at other people and say “look at all the things they are doing”, while forgetting to look at our own schedule. I challenge you to write down a day of your life. What you are doing from the moment you wake up until you fall asleep. Because, you know, we tend TO DO things even when we prepare for sleep, like thinking about what we should do tomorrow, or thinking about the strategies for our businesses, strategies to make our children happy and so on.
Write down all the things you do in a day and say “I am enough”. Because you are enough. Because I am enough. We need to stop looking at others and appreciate our efforts as well. We are enough.


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