Overcoming fear and self doubt

Fear and self doubt are normal feelings. Fear is trying to keep us safe, self doubt challenges us to grow. But whether we act from our feelings or towards our goals, is totally up to us. So what’s the solution? Well, accept your fears and self doubt, acknowlege them, accept them, thank them for being there for you, but act towards your goal, not from your feelings. Take small steps everyday, take action. For example, you are afraid of changing your job. You know what you have to do at your current job, you know the insights, the people you work with, how things are going. But you also want to grow, and here there is no more growth. What do you do? You are also afraid of change. So what’s the solution? The thing is, there is no right or wrong. Both options are totally fine, as long as it’s your heart’s desire. So, don’t stay at your current job because it’s comfortable. Nothing great has ever come from the comfort zone. Take the risk. Change the job. You will meet new people, and situations. And you will act towards your goal (to grow professionaly, for example), and not from your fear (which is totally natural, it has kept us safe for thousands of years! , anything new will frighten us).

With self doubt is the same situation. We are doubting ourselves, which is a normal feeling, but when we act from self doubt, we tend to be unnatural. So what’s the solution? Acknowledge self doubt, welcome it, accept it, and then take the risk. Remember, you don’t have control over any outcome, but you can try to influence it. Therefore, there is no right or wrong, there is just action. You took the best action you could, but the outcome is totally out of your control. You did everything you could. And you didn’t give up , you didn’t chicken out, you did something. So you will either learn from it (if it’s not the desired outcome), or you will totally celebrate it (if it’s the desired outcome). Action increases self doubt. Sometimes, even getting out of bed and brushing your teeth is a big action to take.

Feelings are normal. But whether we act from our feelings or towards our goals, is totally up to us!

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