The “hum” – the essence of self

We are born with a “hum” inside us. Call it instinct, or whatever you want. Over the course of the years we learn to silence that “hum” down. Do you know that feeling when you experience something and you feel instantly if you want it or not? If it’s safe for you or not? That’s the hum. Everything else that comes after, every “rational” thing you say to yourself after, it’s just learned behavior. The more you silence the “hum” , the more you go further away from who you really are. Don’t confuse “the hum” with the fear or the preservation instinct. The hum is there, wanting you to do something for example, but the fear is pulling you back. It takes a while to be friends again with the hum, but once you start listening to it more, it becomes easier, and in the end, it leads you where you need to be.
Who are you? Who are you for real? What does your hum say to you?


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