Together we will play better for your life!

You will become more successful in your life and more commited to your goals, only when you will embrace your authenticity.

Irina Costea

Hi, I’m Irina, and I am happy that you are here!

A while ago I was rock bottom, so after struggling a lot, I gathered myself from the floor and I decided to take action. From my wound, I wanted to help other people heal. I found that my life journey revolves around helping others to discover their true selves, to unlock their potential and to help them embrace their authenticity.

And for that, I believe that no matter how many goals you set, how well you work on your organizational skills, the first place where you have to go, is inside.

My mission is to bring in other’s people’s lives the drive and tools they need to take action.

With the knowledge from neuroscience and mindfulness we will transform your abilities into superpowers, we will look into your fears and blockages, because that’s where the answers lie . We will find the practical exercises that will help you shift your mindset, and get you into the winning mode.

Together we will PLAY BETTER for your life!



Successful stories

Alexandra Balanuta

“Irina is such a wonderful coach. I'm in awe of how much I've grown since our first session. Every session is a joy and she makes me feel so energized and focused. She helps me unlock my creativity and gather courage and organize my path better. This is one of the greatest decisions ever, to start working with her, and the results are amazing, I'd keep her for life! It's also really great to find someone who makes you feel safe and appreciated and she's a really nice and smart and funny person. I'm very grateful to have her as my coach”

Teodor Alexandru

„Irina is a wonderful coach! She is very easy to talk to, open and really knows how to listen. After only a few sessions we have already discovered the places where I want to focus (necessary improvements and strength) and how we want our plean-play-grow strategy to work-out. After every session I feel extremely energized and it definitely helps throughout the week. Nothing is judged and all is seen from the perspective of "how can we turn this into something good". There are a lot of "I"s, but this is what being a great life coach means. To put aside the personal "I know a similar story to yours that happened to me!" and focus on the other person to help them for the better. Again, I sincerely recommend her and if you are unsure about where you are in life, she can help you with a great map!“

Marieta Matache

Irina always says that it's the client who does all the work, she is there just to guide them. I see it like this: you look at everything you have in your "fridge", not knowing whether it's good or bad, whether you can "cook" anything with it. It takes a skilled person to put together an amazing "meal" with what's on hand. Irina is that person, the one that coaches you to "cook" something awesome, something you didn't really know you wanted to eat, but it tastes just right.

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