Why AWARENESS is the biggest skill you can cultivate

Transformation begins with awareness. When you feel like something is missing, something is off, this is where all begins. When you start to notice the little signs that something needs to change, and day by day the feeling grows, and you watch it expanding until you cannot ignore it anymore.

The next step it may be denial for some of us, or it can be the place where you start wondering what is the root of all these feelings? What do you need? What does your growth ask of you?

And then action. You may wander between solutions, but when the feeling of change grows so much into you, you will just take action. Maybe your action will be that you ask for guidance, which is probably one of the best things you can do. When you co create with someone, they can show you blindspots, different perspectives.

For me, when I get the feeling of change, it starts with my mood. When the time comes for transformation, when the time comes to go to the next level, I go through a rough period when I feel something is off. Then I just sit for a while and observe. My thoughts, my triggers, my wishes, what my soul tells me. And my next step is to ask for guidance, so I can settle my thoughts and put the pieces together.

I reach out to my coach or therapist, or both, depending on what the  root of the change requires. And then I start building. It starts with action and building myself up again.

For me transformation almost always requires some kind of destruction and rebuilding. Sometimes the destruction means just rearranging some bricks, or sometimes it means to take out even the foundation.

As one of my coaching teachers says, “Abracadabra” means “I create as I speak”. This is one of the most important actions for me. When I discuss with my coach and/or therapist, my thoughts start to come together, to build ideas, AHA moments, reshifting perspectives, basically my thoughts become alive.

After I get clarity, I start building on that. What are my goals, what are 1-2 actions that I can take towards my goals? I don’t need to get clarity on everything that I have to do, because always the solutions reveal themselves along the way. I just need to start, in order to try something, see if it works, or change strategy.

But everything comes down to awareness. From the awareness of your need for change, to the awareness of something that works for you or not, how your state changes, how your results are influencing your quality of life. Awareness is a skill that once you build, you cannot unhave it. Once it’s there, it’s there forever. The more you build on it, the stronger it becomes.

I started cultivating my awareness through meditation and yoga. Practicing everyday for even a few minutes makes a very big difference for me. When I feel disconnected, I just try to find my breath and observe my rythm. When I get caught up in my thoughts, I just return to observing my breath.

And I try to find at least 15 minutes per day, for a quick yoga practice. If the time allows me, I might even do 45-60 minutes. It’s the way I meditate, the way I anchor myself in the present moment, when the past and future cease to exist. It started as a way to move my body, but it quickly become my workout and meditation practice.

Cultivating your awareness is one of the biggest gifts you can bring to yourself. It connects you to your soul, to your self, it helps you identify blockages, opportunities and ways to grow. How do you cultivate your awareness?


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