Why NeuroMindfulness?

Since I was a little girl, I was fascinated about deep questions: why and how do people think?

What makes them think some specific things? How does the mind work and how exactly do we know that?

As you can imagine, these were not the usual questions that kids would ask. And even though my parents tried to answer all of my question, psychology and neuroscience were not their strengths.

So, as any child that is a little bit weird, I was directed by my parents, by school, by society, to other areas.

I adopted the classical beliefs: you have to have a REAL job, you have to go to a good college and so on.

And somewhere along the way, my curiosity got replaced by judgement. Those who weren’t aligned with my beliefs were wrong. There was only one correct way in which you could live your life and be happy.

Until life threw me out in a very deep depression and I had 2 options. Go back to the roots, understand what’s happening, or basically live a miserable life/die.

After a very strong wake up call, I decided to take the 1st option.

I was already in therapy, but I started coaching also.

If you are from around, you already know that I eventually became a coach myself, gratuated from CoachVille (one of the first coaching schools in the world) and I am almost PCC ICF Accredited (I am close to reaching the 500 paid hours of 1:1 coaching – hopefully by the end of 2021).

But what happened when I became a coach is very interesting: I became obsessed with the brain. Not only with the concepts of coaching, but with the brain and its processes.

I needed the science behind the concepts. So I discovered a very nice neuroscience podcast, called Mindarchitect (I highly recommend it if you are a Romanian speaker). And I started to make connections, to understand why some clients act the way they act, what stops them from taking action and so on.

In my coaching practice, I work a lot with fears. Because everything comes down to fears. The reason with people stop themselves from taking action and making their lives better, is fear.

And if you understand that, you can use fear as a roadmap to your growth opportunities.

So I decided I needed more, I found NeuroMindfulness Institute and I enrolled in their NeuroMindfulness Certification for Coaches.

NeuroMindfulness Institute is founded by Arnaud Complainville (Managing Partner at NeuroMindfulness® Institute and a former business strategy international executive), and Veronica Brejan (Managing Partner at NeuroMindfulness® Institute and a former international HR Director). The purpose of the institute is to “Bring together modern science, ancient wisdom and business acumen to inspire leaders to raise their level of consciousness and make a positive difference in the world for People and Planet.

The course is very well structured, and very easy to follow, even though you might be overwhelmed at first about all the brain information (it will all come into place, I promise).

There are 5 chapters:

  1. NeuroMindfulness Essentials (where you get familiar with the biology of the brain and the mindfulness basic concepts);
  2. From stress to well being and resilience (where you understand emotions, how they affect your well being and how you can bounce forward from rough patches in your life);
  3. Cognitive Performance (here you will find out how habits are formed, how to change them, what is intuition and flow)
  4. Trust and human connection (where you find out how and why people connect, and how to communicate mindfully);
  5. Mindfulness practices (this is all about practicing mindfulness; the founders are both mindfulness practitioners: Arnaud was trained as an Evolutionary Coaching and Cultural Transformation Tools Consultant with Barrett Values Center; he is a mindfulness practitioner for more than 10 years, and Veronica was trained as an executive coach. She is also accredited Practitioner NLP, Timeline Therapy and Hypnotherapy with the American Board of NLP).

The final assesment I want to keep it as a surprise, because it’s a really good reflection exercise.

Why is this course useful?

For me, neuroscience is an amazing tool, because I am the living proof that understanding yourself is the biggest most important thing that you can give to yourself.

Only when you understand who you are, where you come from, how your wounds and triggers got there in the first place, what did they protect, you can change the way you react.

Neuroscience, therapy, psychology and coaching helped me  understand  that nothing is wrong with me and that I can be a better version of myself if I decide to. I decide what defines me.

And that empowered me, helped me build the real long lasting self confidence. The one that doesn’t scream. The one that whispers. But because I learned how to listen, I hear it now. Clearly.

And this is what I want to give to people. All these tools help me become better at creating this safe space for them in which they can grow, in which they can think things they never thought before. In which they can say things they never said before.

When I explain them how normal it is for them to be fearful, to have reactions that they are not proud of, because they were emotionally highjacked and their cognitive functions were reduced by 75%, I see them click. I see how they are freed from the idea of what they SHOULD have acted like. I see how they understand that there is nothing wrong with them. I see the relief in their shoulders, in their eyes, in their jaw.

I know how that feels. We were raised to believe that we have to earn our value, but what coaching brings to them is the insight that they are worth it anyway. It’s inside them.  They only need to turn to themselves for confirmation, not to others.

And this course is so well structured, that it allows me to put all of these things together.

When people understand the process behind their reactions, their behaviors, their emotions,  they are not driven by the unknown anymore. And when you are not driven by the unknown, you can step up.

You can show up for yourself, you can change step by step, and eventually you can transform.

And this is what I bring into people’s lives. I want them to believe in themselves and for them to be their own support system.

Because if I did it, anyone can.

I never had a kind word for myself until one and a half year ago.

And now, I graduated from the coaching school with the highest PCC scores (you have to pass 4 exams of 5 hours with PCC scores, as per the ICF evaluation markers ) that the school has ever seen in 20 years.

We are only a few that got all their exams with PCC scores.

The things is: anyone, not just coaches, can benefit from this course. Why? Because the „coach approach“ can really change people lives. In the „coach approach“ you switch judgement for curiosity. Your romantic relationship, the relationship with your child, with your friends and parents, all of them can get better once you understand what’s going on with you and with them.

It helps you to not take things personally, and to focus on what is really important: to take a breath and observe/see things for what they really are, not what your interpretation/projection is.

And that, my friends, it’s an amazing tool!

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