Hi! I’m Irina,owner of CoachVille Romania coaching school, a Transformational & NeuroMindfulness© Coach, PCC ICF accredited. I am a dreamer, a mother and a wife, a neuroscience passionate, who lives and breathes coaching.


My coaching training was completed with CoachVille, one of the first coaching schools in the world, founded by Dave Buck with Thomas Leonard himself (the founding father of life coaching).
I continued my education and I became a NeuroMindfulness Master Practitioner, bringing my coaching practice to a whole new level, guiding people with the help of modern neuroscience and the mindfulness wisdom.

And for what it matters, I have a Master’s Degree in Sociology and Human Resources, and I am a Positive Psychology enthusiast. But before doing coaching, I was a wanderer.

I changed careers three times before finding what’s my mission.I worked in the music industry as a label manager for 3 years, I was an IT Recruiter for another 3 years, but even though I was touching people’s lives, it never felt enough.

I am a survivor of a horrible suicidal postpartum depression. I was on the edge, in the hospital with my son who suffered a head injury after a fall in our home, I felt suffocated, hopeless, and powerless. I realized that my son will be ok after the hit, but for sure I was not.

The moment in which for a split second I believed that my son was going to die, it was my wake-up call. I had to do something, and this was my starting point

I started by searching for a meaning, and I discovered Martin Seligman and Positive Psychology. I graduated from a 20-week course on Foundations of Positive Psychology, and I became fascinated with emotional resilience.

I enrolled in a coaching school (CoachVille) and discovered that my life journey revolves around helping others to discover their true selves, to unlock their potential and to help them become the best version of themselves.

With the knowledge from neuroscience and mindfulness, we will transform your abilities into superpowers, we will look into your fears and blockages, because that’s where the answers lie.We will find the practical exercises that will help you shift your mindset, and get you into the winning mode.Together we will PLAY BETTER for your life!