I am a Transformational Coach, proud mother and wife, and a former HR Professional.

I gratuated from the University of Bucharest and specialized in Sociology and Human Resources, and I wanted to change people’s lives.

But before doing that, I was a wanderer. I changed careers three times before finding what’s my mission.

I worked in the music industry as a label manager for 3 years, I was an IT Recruiter for another 3 years, but even though I was touching people’s lives, it never felt enough. I was suffering from the imposter syndrome, I had severe anxiety and no direction in what I want to do in my life. I always thought about myself that I am absolutely not a business person, but just a good employee. „I am good at following orders. I cannot deal with my own business. I don’t have a passion“. These were the stories I always told myself, and that eventually I was believing them to be universal truths.

And then I became a mother. And post partum depression hit. Big time. I was a mess. One night, while I was rocking my 1 year old in the middle of the night , for the 100th time that night, I was thinking and crying and almost screaming: „Is this all it is for me in this life? Well, maybe it would be better for me to cease existing.“ I realized I was rock bottom. Two days later, my child fell on the floor, hitting his head, and for 2 seconds I thought I would lose my baby boy. And I clicked. Right there.

While we were on the hospital, I decided that it was time to make a change. My baby was fine, so it was the time for me to be fine also. I decided it was time to step up for my well being, without putting that responsability on anybody else. So I gratuated the online Positive Psychology Specialization from the University of Pennsylvania, and I also became a Transformational Coach.

I was rock bottom, I gathered myself from the floor and I decided to take action. From my wound, I wanted to help other people heal. I found that my life journey revolves around helping others to discover their true selves, to unlock their potential and to help them become the best version of themselves.

And for that, I believe that no matter how many goals you set, how well you work on your organizational skills, the first place where you have to go, is inside.

My mission is to bring in other’s people’s lives the drive and tools they need to take action.

Who do you need to become in order to achieve your outcomes? What skills do you need to develop or grow for that matter?

You will become more successful in your life and more commited to your goals, only when something shifts inside you. You will have real breakthroughs only when you will move from where you are and take action. Because action it’s the only thing that makes you move forward, that increases your self confidence and keeps your drive engaged.

We will transform your abilities into superpowers, we will look into your fears and blockages, because that’s where the answers lie. We will find the practical exercises that will help you shift your mindset, and get you into the winning mode.

Together we will PLAY BETTER for your life!

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