Transformational & NeuroMindfulness© Coach

In this coaching process, we go back to the roots and we energize your dreams. We discover patterns, we expand awareness, we map fears and belief systems, we discover the self-defense mechanisms that hold you back.

We use neuroscience coaching tools in order to rewire your brain to work FOR you, not on survival mode (body scan visualizations, playing with fears, role plays, environmental design, and so much more).

When we are driven by unknown processes, we cannot influence them. By revealing them to you, you gain back your influence (it was ALWAYS with you), and you will act from a place of consciousness, not only from a place of reaction.

It’s a process, so it requires time and constant awareness. My 1:1 programs are built on a 12 week format, meeting every one or two weeks. The price for the 1:1 coaching program is 1370 euros (or 480 euros/month).


Our first interaction was so natural and you made me feel like I was talking to an old friend, someone who gets it and also someone who has some answers to my “why’s”. I loved our coaching sessions, I loved how you challenged me without pushing, somehow subtle but to the point. You could always read between the lines and through the story I was used to carry and share. You gave me clarity and you taught me to accept things that are out of my control and also to accept myself, as a whole. Good or not so good.

I appreciate your style, very grounded and with a lot of neuroscience perspective but in the same time very warm and understanding of the human condition. It’s really crazy how often I think of you now, how often I find myself in situations that trigger me and I look at it differently now, because of you and your support. You really opened my mind and I will always be a work in progress, but with better tools 🙂 So thank you, Irina!
Loredana Podarascu
I've met Irina in one of my lowest points and I started her 12 sessions program with low to none expectations. What I most enjoyed about her right from the beginning is her honesty. I tought it will be this "you can do it, look at me I did" kinda thing. But no. She comes in front of you with her scars up front, some still fresh and bleeding. She doesn't paint the perfect, unrealistic picture. She paints reality, by being herself so that you know not even her years long studying, let alone this 12 session process, will be a fix-it-all once in a lifetime deal.

I was depressed, I was barely over a burnout and overall overwhelmed. Did she fix it? Of course not, because she is the first one to tell you that you actually don't need any fixing. That there is nothing broken about you, just unheard, not understood, or plain burried parts of yourself that leave you with missong puzzle pieces. Then what? What is this process about if not about fixing? It's about guiding you to start asking the most important questions you will ever ask...YOURSELF. The question "what does this say about me?" that she made me ask myself always left me speechless. For the first sessions I could not give an answear to it if my life depended on it. But one magical day I could. And it was the hardest thing I ever did. You see, the funny part is defining this self. We all hear about it, we all hear things like you are not what other people think of you, you are not your thoughts, you are not your actions, but do we really comprehend what that really means? I know for sure I didn't. Well, now I do and I can't stress enough what a huge thing this is. Half year of therapy didn't help me to really get it, but Irina did, and for that, working with her will remain in my top personal achievements in this lifetime.

She will not fix your problems. She will help you do something way better that. She will give you the tools, the weapons, and the instructions that you will use for the rest of your life in your process towards yourself. And that is priceless. She will help you not only to listen to your true self, but actually understand yourself. She will help you undestand your emotions, your reactions and your gut feelings from where you can start reframing everything that you want or need. If she ever asks you to put a name on your fear and make it a person that you actually have conversations with (I know, it sounded bullocks for me too in the beginning), trust me, do it. You can thank me later and I will never stop thanking her for this. For me this process was completely life changing. In ALL aspects. I've found myself benefiting from it every minute of my life afterwards.
Alina Androne
Working with Irina was life changing for me. She is great at creating a safe space where you do not feel judged or given out to. It came so natural to me to share with her my worst nightmares and at the same time I felt seen, understood and supported. I resonated very much with her style and after 12 sessions I am a different person. I used to be scared of what others would think about me and making even the smallest mistake would have been devastating to me, and would put me off track for days.

Now I feel confident (I have to admit I never thought this state of mind, confidence, will ever define me) and not as stressed as before when making mistakes. Many thanks Irina, you are THE BEST!!!
Simona Lefter Hacioglu