Elevate your life & business


Masterclasses are the way in which you take your knowledge to the highest level. In these masterclasses I will teach you anything you need to know about coaching and how to introduce neuroscience and mindfulness into your practice.

With a strong coaching method backed up by science, your coaching will be THE premium package.

I also teach masterclasses about stress management, emotional resilience, rewriting mental patterns, mapping fears, and mastering self confidence.

These are tools that are essential in any self discovery and coaching process. I use them on a daily basis for myself, my clients and my students.


I attended Irina’s masterclass for stress management. I was in a place where the day to day stress of my job was overwhelming, and it was affecting my personal life. Irina helped me gain the tools and insight that I needed to properly tackle the stress I was feeling. She helped me reframe my mindset, so that work issues are no longer the trigger that they were.

Irina is amazing, providing a safe space to explore your inner world, your stress triggers, and reframing them.
Denisa Iancu