Elevate your life & business


Are you interested in learning more about how neuroscience and mindfulness can elevate your life and business? This is the right place. With the knowledge from my friends at the NeuroMindfulness© Institute, being a Master Practitioner myself, I will guide your through this amazing journey of understanding how to make your brain work for you.

Either is for your own knowledge, business or even if you are a company that wants to train their employees, these workshops will elevate your well being at a whole new level.

All the information is up to date to the newest research, so you are in for a treat. We will debate the concepts through intensive group discussion, and you will understand how and were you can apply theoretical knowledge into your real life and business.

A few examples of workshop topics that I can deliver for you (but not limited to): emotional resilience, well being, cognitive performance, stress management, emotions, decision making, habits, human connection, trust, and of course, COACHING.


I am career driven woman in my mid 30’s and I used to believe that for being a successful professional woman activating in a men’s world, it’s normal to work twice as much, sacrifice more of yourself, not to mention your personal life. That was until I hit my first serious burnout, a few months ago. Initially I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t function anymore at my maximum yield, although I was trying to convince myself that “we’ve been through this already, it’s normal, you’ll get over it”. My brain was still sending me the impulses, but my entire body was telling me I was a wreck (chronic lack of sleep, chronic stress, finally translated into lack of social connection due to lack of trust). This is the moment I came across Irina’s workshop and decided it was time to talk about this alleged normality, or at least listen about what experts had to say.

I must admit it was a life changing experience, the best 3 hours spent in the last years. I couldn’t be more grateful for the new perspectives she showed me on how to regain my cognitive skills, how to manage stress in order to become a normal, happy person again. It will take time and effort, but I feel fortunate for having Irina as my coach and, at this point, possibly a life saviour. I highly recommend her training, she has created a community of people where no one is perceived as weak or less and it’s one of the most empowering feelings a human being needs. It takes a village, as they say, and she is our mentor.
Roberta Constantin